Make a video

Send out personalised video messages based on personal data such as invites, reminders, sales results, etc, and capitalise on your CRM.

Personalised Video Marketing

  • Personalised Video Content

    Delivering the most relevant and effective video to individuals at exactly the right time

  • Using Data and Creativity

    Giving you the power to tell a story where your client has the lead role

  • Run From Any Database

    Complete an entire campaign with full integration. From data collection to success metrics.

Let’s make it personal

Did you know that 61% of customers feel more positive about receiving communication from businesses when the message is

  • At Data Creative we tap into your database to craft beautifully personalised videos and email marketing messages that surprise and delight your customers and your team.
  • Sit back and watch as we integrate details such as their name, birthday, purchase history into automated individual video messages that can be sent out from 1 to 1 million people.

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Getting Started is Easy

  • Identify your campaign and understand your data

  • Use your data and creative to create personalised videos

  • Distribute your video via email, sms, social media and many more

  • Track and measure your campaign's success with real time analytics

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