Driving Personalised Video Technology

Driving Personalised Video Technology

  • Jayde Free

The rise of video consumption is a significant trend for marketers with a Facebook executive recently claiming that the platform could be ‘all video’ within five years. Melbourne agency Data Creative predicts that companies not getting up to speed with the potential for personalised, data-driven video will miss vital marketing opportunities.

Renece Brewster, CEO, Data Creative said: “The more video that’s out there, the more essential it is for your content to be relevant to the intended audience. Many companies are already investing in programmatic ad buying, though they’re missing the opportunity to make the content as relevant and impactful as it can be by delivering the message via personalised live video. The extent to which data can be utilised and the speed that the resulting video can be created and delivered provides opportunity marketers could only dream of previously.

“Our core technology offering is to take customer data, whether it’s stored in your database or CRM, real-time website behaviour or their public social media information, and use it to create a personalised video, animation, audio, call to action, graph or image. The resulting MP4 can then be delivered in the form of an email, SMS, landing page mobile or augmented reality. The clincher is that the time it takes to complete the process and spit out a unique video is four seconds or less,” Brewster continued.

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This opens the door for companies to hit customers and potential clients with personalised video in real-time, when it’s most likely they are emotionally and mentally open to receiving those messages. Whether it’s an insurance provider sending a personalised video reassuring a customer that a mechanic is on the way and their insurance will cover their claim or a venue providing information on upcoming shows suitable for children following a search.

Data Creative’s API generated system allows campaigns to be created directly off client’s internal CRM or marketing platforms, fully automating the process and inputting insights from measurement metrics and tracking back into the database. Monitoring customer engagement with the video and their online behaviour afterwards builds intelligence that allows subsequent campaigns to be much richer and more personal.

A common misperception is that companies need highly detailed databases to start with. “It’s surprising how far a little data can go when it comes to personalising video. What we’re doing is so much more than just mail merge in a video but rather about producing a highly personalised story that brings the customer to the fore and personally connects with them. For us, the art is in the subtlety – a successful live video isn’t brash, but one that the viewer may not even realise is different to the next person’s” said Brewster.

Data Creative clients have ranged from banks, sports clubs and supermarkets with objectives ranging from explaining complicated services, meeting compliance regulations, building relationships and sales conversion.

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