Data Creative Kicks off 2017 with a Bang

Data Creative Kicks off 2017 with a Bang

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It’s an exciting time at Data Creative, with plans for global expansion alongside two new key hires and a handful of new client wins.

We’ve experienced a recent wave of success, including being selected as one of 15 start-ups to represent Australia at the EY 2017 Asia Pacific Accelerating Entrepreneur program in Rome.

Our new senior appointments represent our increased focus on tech innovation and a push to take real-time personalised video to the enterprise market. Let’s meet our new team members.


Chief Marketing Officer Matt Bates

Newly appointed Chief Marketing Officer Matt Bates, former Head of Digital at Publicis, brings over 16 years experience, with a specific focus on the design and implementation of technology and marketing solutions for large corporates.

Matt is recognised for his ability to embrace and drive significant change, including sustainable improvement in people, as well as financial and organisational performance.


Chief Product Officer Matt Merryfull

Incoming Chief Product Officer Matt Merryfull is a seasoned technologist, the former Chief Technology Officer of APN-backed Emotive and former Technical Director at Razorfish.

Matt’s wealth of experience across the technology space is a welcome addition to our senior team, providing valuable insight into the progression of video-based marketing and how this fledgling technology can take the necessary steps towards mass adoption.


The two new appointments are a clear representation of the rapid growth Data Creative has experienced since its inception in July 2015.

Both Matt’s have successful foundation careers in the technology sector across software and platform development, plus valuable marketing and advertising industry experience, and will be instrumental in the next phase of Data Creative’s journey.

Alongside our new hires, we’ve also kicked off 2017 with a bang, welcoming a handful of new clients to the personalised video space.

We’re excited to welcome Amnesty International, NAB, Personalised Plates Queensland, Dodo, TAB Corp, Daikin Australia and New Zealand, Melbourne University and the Geelong Football Club.

So, have we sparked your interest in personalised video? Contact the team at Data Creative today to learn more about how we build brand relationships through instantly created, personalised videos.


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