Don’t Lecture your Customers, Tell them a Story with Your Data

Don’t Lecture your Customers, Tell them a Story with Your Data

  • Jayde Free

Let’s go back to your high school days. Sitting in class, with Mr Roberts forty five minutes into his weekly drawl about the importance of trigonometry. What may come to mind is heavy eyelids. Now, remember Mrs Hampshire? The brightly dressed, perpetually delighted teacher? We all had at least one Mrs Hampshire.

She would always start the class by asking one student to tell her about their usual route to school. As they were speaking she would be drawing map of where they traveled. She would then label the highway as the ‘hypotenuse’  the short tram ride or walk as the ‘opposite’. Not only did we all look forward to Mrs Hampshire’s classes, but we remembered that we would need sine to calculate the adjacent.

Storytelling 2

What does trigonometry have to do with marketing or your consumers? Mr Roberts; he is a bulk email sent to your entire database telling them about your new products and their prices. Mrs Hampshire; she is a targeted personalised campaign that includes each client’s previously purchased product and information on how it will integrate with your new products seamlessly.

Numerous studies have proven that our brains find it much easier to engage and recall information that has been presented to us in a story, humans have been learning this way for thousands of years. 

In Sydney Football Club’s recent membership drive with Data Creative, we tell their fans a story. We take a journey through Sydney before reminding them of positive memories that they shared with their team eg: “Jake, you were with us for this 2012 moment”. At the end of the fan’s video they are shown an empty chair in the stadium with their name on it, reminding them of their importance to the team. This campaign has seen a 27.05% click through rate, compared with an industry average of 3.45%.

Telling your customers a story is not only more likely to have them remember your message, but it will built a stronger longer last relationship. Make your brand Mrs Hampshire, no one ever liked Mr Roberts.shutterstock_111103529-630x315


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