How Get the Best out of your Personalised Video campaign. Part 1 – Your EDM

How Get the Best out of your Personalised Video campaign. Part 1 – Your EDM

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A Data Creative campaign with Coles Flybuys saw an increase of 55% in sale conversions from the recipients who viewed the video. A great statistic! Although Coles Flybuys were only able to get these conversions from people who took the steps of opening the email and clicking through to their personalised video. Those who have the task of formulating these EDMs know how difficult a good open and click-through rates can be to achieve.

  • To get the best out of your Data Creative Personalised Video campaign you need to make sure that your clients actually SEE it. On average across industries the open rate is 21.73% with a clickthrough rate of 3.57%.
    Here are a few tips on how to get the best open rates for your emails:
    1. Make sure the reader knows that this email is for them specifically. Refer to them by name and use the words “Personalised Video” in your email subject line, this may increase the open rate by up to 272%
    2. Send your EDM when people are more likely to open it. A study conducted by MailChimp showed that people are most likely to open an email that they receive at 10am during the workweek.
    3. Remember the reason that you’re sending the client this email is because they have their very own video inside. Don’t put your video in an EDM that they are used to receiving, for example monthly newsletters or game day updates.
    4. Try not to over complicate the email with large chunks of text or images. This will distract the reader and the entire EDM might be put in the ‘too hard basket’. One or two sentences to introduce the viewer to their video is enough, as well as a reminder of the call to action below the video thumbnail.

    Remember, less is more! Chose your subject line carefully, send at the right time and don’t overwhelm the reader with a deluge of information. Now sit back and watch your personalised video do its job.

    Look out for our blog on video landing pages next!

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