We’re Hiring!

We’re Hiring!

  • Data Creative


Technical Lead


Full Time Employment


Data Creative HQ: 98 Nicholson St, Abbotsford. Melbourne, Victoria. (note interstate travel will be required periodically)





The primary role designation is Technical Lead. Project based roles may include Architect, and Senior Developer.

The technical lead provides and develops solutions to the technical issues of the organisation. This role is responsible for meeting development schedules set out and agreed upon in conjunction with the executive team and ensuring that the delivered solutions meet the specifications and design requirements.

In addition, the role will be responsible for engaging and motivating the development team members, ensuring that appropriate training and dialogs are maintained and suggested in order to individually elevate each employee.


The general responsibilities include:

  • Ownership of the platform and video engine applications
  • Mentor junior members of staff in conjunction with the executive team/PM/Solutions Architect
  • Flexible in working under highly dynamic environment settings
  • Maintaining high team morale
  • Alignment to company and project standards and guidelines
  • Accurate accounting of time and reporting of work
  • Identification and mitigation of scope changes in organisational, project and client areas which affect quality and delivery with escalation to reporting manager where appropriate
  • High attention to detail in all work
  • Quality, on-time delivery of agreed deliverables.
  • Contribution to the company’s IP through knowledge base and process improvement


Project based responsibilities include:

  • Conduct system wide and e2e requirement analysis
  • Conduct module level work estimations and integration availability system wide
  • Will work under guidance and collaboration with PM/Architect/CTO/CPO
  • Thoroughly understand requirements and design
  • Develop detailed user interface design
  • Design and implement automated unit or integration testing as required
  • Use best practices and coding standards
  • Conduct thorough testing using automated test frameworks
  • Conduct code, peer and scope reviews and provide feedback
  • Provide accurate sprint cycled task reports
  • Clarification and documentation of all unknown areas
  • Develop, maintain, troubleshoot, enhance and document components developed by self or others as per requirements and design
  • Conduct system-wide integration and unit testing
  • Assist PM/Project Lead in project coordination
  • Conduct risk identification and requirements definition with the project manager



The individual will have a consistently demonstrated ability to exceed the requirements of the Technical Lead. The role will require a high level of technical knowledge, communication and self motivation whilst motivating and maintaining the morale of the development team. The role is split ~60/40% between the ownership of assigned projects and team management. As an industry specialist, you will have sound knowledge of upcoming trends and will identify how new and existing technologies can add to the company’s knowledge, processes and intellectual property.



  • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent in either:
  • Computer Science,
  • Software Engineering
  • Technology



  • 5+ years of relevant industry experience
  • AWS experience required
  • PHP experience required for legacy platform comprehension
  • JIRA and Confluence



  • Senior Software Engineer/Architect level ability
  • PHP skills required to interpret and migrate legacy systems
  • Solid front end skill base: HTML5, Javascript, and CSS
  • SASS Preprocessor
  • SQL
  • NodeJs
  • Google Suite of applications
  • MS Office
  • Prototyping and design applications including axure, invision, sketch, gliffy, balsamiq, marvell
  • Proficiency with multiple platforms, languages and frameworks
  • Good knowledge of estimation techniques
  • Good knowledge of design patterns
  • Good industry and trend awareness
  • Good knowledge of OO Concepts
  • Sound knowledge of unit and integration techniques
  • Good communication skills
  • Good time management skills
  • Ability to anticipate issue and formulate remedial actions
  • Excellent interpersonal and team working skills
  • Sound ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously
  • Good command of written and spoken English
  • Excellent problem solving skills
  • Easily adaptable to organisational culture
  • Must be goal oriented
  • Sound ability to maintain focus, both self and team.



  • Complete assigned projects and tasks on time and budget
  • Continually improve internal processes
  • Foster a culture of continuous improvement and learning
  • Contribute to the technical competency of the organisation


Interested? Send your resume or any questions to recruitment@datacreative.com.au

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