What are your lifetime Hawks stats? – Case Study

What are your lifetime Hawks stats? – Case Study

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Together with the Hawthorn Football Club, we have transformed the way footy clubs can connect with fans by deploying personalised interactive video technology.

In early 2016, the Hawks identified more than 10,000 fans who had not yet renewed their membership. They also possessed a database of over 160,000 fans (current members and past), and had 310,000+ likes on facebook. Our challenge was to come up with a solution to bridge the gap between their database and social channels whilst engaging the entire community and driving membership renewals.

Did you know that, according to Hubspot (2016), 51.9% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI? However, marketers also describe video as the most “difficult content to create”.

Using the Hawks’ existing membership and facebook data, we designed a personalised video campaign using email, SMS and a Facebook app. Utilising the birthdates and names of members, we produced a personalised video called “What are your lifetime Hawks stats?” After initial setup, each video is created in seconds by connecting Hawthorn’s database with our powerful API driven platform.

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Personalised lifetime videos include winning percentage, wins, losses, draws, goals kicked and premiership cups during the fan’s lifetime. The seamless integration of data drawn from the fan information and Hawks statistics, enables fans to have a unique experience that connects them to the club.

Each video is intelligent enough to deduce if the fan is already a 2016 member, a call to action is included if they have not yet renewed. The Facebook app takes the experience further and enables anyone (member or not) to enter details such as name, birthdate and postcode to create a personalised video experience, driving shareability and further data collection.


The email and SMS campaign has driven more than 25,000 unique visitors to view their lifetime video. 53% of total recipients have watched the 1.5 minute video in it’s entirety, 61% have watched ¾ or more. Without sponsored posts, the Facebook app has reached over 2,000 fans organically. Overall, more than 70,000 videos have been created since the March campaign launch.

Hawks’ memberships are up 4.6% from the same time in 2015. Taking into account that one minute of video is worth ‘1.8 million words’ (Forrester Research), fan engagement has been significantly positive.

Football Sports clubs can be innovative in the way they present statistics, but they have never before been presented in such a personal way. Tapping into the fan’s emotive side was a key benefit for our campaign timing and content. Hawks CEO Stuart Fox says, “We have never seen this level of personalisation in our communication and are excited to see the cut-­through it generates”

Want to check out your Hawks lifetime stats video? Head here to make your own!

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