What We Do

What We Do

The Data Creative platform creates data driven personalised videos in seconds, that deliver relevant, timely and valuable information to any individual who receives them.

Our platform combines the combined strength of data and imagery to tell a story with highly engaging personalised videos. We can use data from your database, CRM, real time website behaviour or public social media, with the ability to create a personalised video in seconds. The Data Creative platform can personalise footage, animations, audio and images and deliver your videos via email, SMS or social-media.

Data Creative’s API generated system allows campaigns to be created directly off internal CRM or marketing platforms, fully automating the process and inputting insights from measurement metrics and tracking back into your database. This opens the door for your business to talk to clients when they are ready to receive your message.


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Why Used Personalised Video?

  • 65%

    Boost in email open rates when the term 'personalised video' is used

  • 2.5X

    More time spent watching content that is personally relevant

  • 20%

    Increase in sales when leads are nurtured with targeted content

  • 50%

    Of online traffic through mobiles is generated by videos