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Direct marketing has been around for a while, and before it becomes a thing of the past, we need to consider its direction in the future.

It’s no longer enough to know the things that people like and infiltrate them with messages, emails and calls. As ‘direct’ as these methods might be, they are off the mark for today’s standards.

People won’t even open an email if they think there isn’t anything of value inside. And in order to create value, a personal approach is needed.

I’m not referring to making sure that the recipient’s name is used in the email, as we all know that automated systems can do that.

Neither should it be something so out there that people feel that their lives have been unwillingly invaded. However, if companies are collecting information about you, then you should expect personalised content.

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Ricoh Pre-Meeting Appointment Video

The best way for brands and companies to respond to personalised content is through personalised video messaging.

Adweek has told us that 60 per cent of people prefer to watch a video than read a newsletter and an Adlucent study from last year has shown that 71 per cent of consumers prefer tailored advertising.

These statistics show that video, combined with personalised messaging, is what people are seeking from efforts by marketers!

Personalised video messaging has both consumer and company benefits, so let’s take a look at them below.

People will feel like you made effort

Customers love when companies go that extra mile. They feel that they are valued, important and worth their time. Creating videos that are tailored to their needs and wants enables a personal story to be told and is much more likely to resonate with people.

More opportunity to be creative

Companies have much more flexibility when creating personalised video messages, as there are going to be multiple videos created. An audience isn’t narrow enough to only enjoy a single video so the flexibility is there to cater to the variant needs of your audience and showcase more aspects of a business.

Greater user experience

Some people will feel uncomfortable about how companies plan to use their data, but they often do not consider that it is being used for their own benefit.

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Onboarding Welcome to iPrimus Campaign

Too often, individuals will be inundated with marketing content that does not speak to them specifically, or offer any insight into their life. When companies are fighting for attention, the best way to grab it is to speak one to one and entertain them! Give them insight into what they’re helping to achieve or what they experience.

We love working with our clients in building truly unique video campaigns and love exceeding expectations with the results!
We’re here to help so if you are sitting there wondering how personalised video might work for you, please pick up the phone and give us a call.

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